Importance of Family | Its Role in our Life

Human is a social animal so, he tends to stay in a company of people. A family is a personal and basic requirement in everyone’s life. The benefits of family for person can be outlined as below

  1. Parent care
  2. Health care
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Mental stability
  5. Financial security
  6. Childhood and old age care
  7. Guidance
  8. Education
  9. Spiritual direction

And the benefit for society as

  1. Social security
  2. Human well being
  3. Growth and development
  4. To enhance communication
  5. Better health
  6. Organized life
  7. Physiological support
  8. Retain memories
  9. Live in a responsible manner
  10. Sustenance of humanity

A family is essential in life as it determines a person’s mental status, professional life and his behavior in the society around.

A family is just not limited to getting married but maintaining a cluster of things associated with it.

In childhood having parents, brothers and sisters are a family. In adult age having a wife and kids is a family. In old age being taken care of by grown-up kids, their spouses and children is a family.

Also, there is an assumption that women need a family more than a man. But in real life, it is not so. Everyone will need a family for some support in life. Even if one is not married, he can depend on his brothers or sisters family for some support.

Importance of family in life

Parents: why is family important

A family starts with parents for everyone. Loving Parents are living forms of god as they can give unconditional love and support to their children. They steer the child’s life to a great extent in a most beneficial way. Till, a certain age, a child does not know how to eat, bath, talk, behave etc. Parents are the first teachers and guide him on how to do the routine life activities. They also guide him regarding friends and tell him about harmful things and how to avoid dangers.

Importance of family for Health: Having is good for health. One with a family will have good health, i.e., both mental health and physical one too. The people of the family take care of each other out of love and affection. If someone is disturbed, others will console them and help overcome the problem. If it is a physical ailment, then they will aid in getting proper medical care and also be with you till you recover. If you remember, your parents or another family member would have asked you to have food when its time. They would have awakened you from sleep also and even asked you to sleep at right time instead of late nights. So they tell you many things needed for proper health due to their own experiences.Why is Family Important-role in child life Responsibility: A person with a family is more responsible in society. He takes good care of his family and also the society around. He is conscious of people’s perception around about him and his character. So he tries to mend his ways so that society and also his family members’ appreciate him and look at him with respect.

Mental Stability: A person with a family is more stable in life. He is confined to a place most of his life as per the needs of his family. So he can give a good performance in his job or business. Moreover, as we already saw before, he is in good health and fit to perform his duties well. He will have fixed goals in life with regards to himself and his family. So he keeps working towards those goals with commitment. In doing so, he will be stable as it will make him reach his and his family’s goals.

Financial security: By financial security, I don’t mean one will be rich or live an extravagant life. But due to family one can have financial support and stability. In case of need, you have people who will help you. If one is from a poor family still possible, help can be available. Also, you will have people among the family who will guide you into education and bright career to ensure you are financially well off. Children without parents in most cases suffer from poverty.

Support in childhood and old age: One needs proper care and support in childhood and old age. In childhood, children parental relationship plays at a role in the upbringing of the child. Due to parents most of the children avail of proper food, clothing, guidance and also health care. But those who do not have parents suffer a lot. They tend to get into the bad company of friends and even engage their life in illegal ways.

Why is Family Important - grand parents

In old age, after retirement one is not able to handle himself well due to physical instability. One may need good care to take medicines in time and also sufficient food and rest. Presence of family helps derive these benefits. Even if not wife, one can have their children to take care of him. So besides pension plans, one should develop a good family for a comfortable life in old age. Even having grandchildren is one of the time passers and helps enjoy life with fun.

Also if both the wife and husband are out on work, grandparents can take of kids at home instead of babysitters.

Happiness: Being a part of a family is one of the factors for happiness. Many argue that people might have a difference of opinions and clashes emotionally due to the family. But still, being in a marriage or having a good family provides happiness. It is in the hands of us to change our family members for a better life. Family life is one of the means to derive happiness filled with honesty and trust.

Guidance: Everyone needs a guide to steer him in the right direction in life. A family is one where one can get this guidance with complete trust and love. Members of the family can guide you without any expectations or benefits in return. They can guide you in career, marriage, health, relationship and other aspects of life. Hence, you can notice those with proper family support from elders would have fewer chances of breakups in marriage.

Strength: Having a loving family gives strength and courage in life. That is the reason why many people from minority community give rise to many kids. They are of the view that having a big family gives an edge in social dealings. Since many countries are democratic, even we can notice that politicians try to value big families for the sake of gaining votes from that family. Also in social life, we can notice people giving more weight to those people coming from big families. The feel of having relationship helps one communicate better and move along well with the society.

Education: Family especially parents educate their children. In fact, the process of learning starts with the parents itself. Mother is considered the first teacher for every child. By experience, they know the importance of education, so they encourage and sometimes force their children to go to school at such a young age.

Those kids without parents tend to be illiterate as they have none to guide them in that direction. But those kids with a family always are pursued to join the school and attend them on regular basis. Many parents treat educating their kids an important duty. So education is initiated and provided by the family.

Spiritual path: Many of us get into the spiritual path due to the family. It is the family who tells us to worship the almighty and got to temples or other places of worship. So the thought of God and the importance of spirituality starts with family.

Social security:

importance of family-childhood

Presence of families enhances social security. A person during his childhood does not know what to and how to do. Presence of family like parents, grandparents guides him in the right path. Since, he has avoided associating himself with the wrong company like drug addicts, goons, etc. he follows a humble path. Thereby he avoids problems to himself and also the people around. Thus, society can be secured.

Human well being:

Human, in general, is a social animal. He always likes to live in a fellow company. Presence of a family gives him the company for life. This helps to grow well during childhood due to parents. Live a dedicated life after marriage due to love for spouse. He will also get proper support during old age after retirement untill death. So, the family contributes to the overall well being of humans.

Growth and development:

A person with a family tends to focus on his career, business and other activities very well. Because he will have someone to think of him when he is busy. So, he can concentrate well in his growth and development due to a family.

To enhance communication

Not everyone has similar levels of communication. This communication is essential for ease of life and doing things. Presence of a family greatly helps improve communication. Since even at home, the person is among family members, he is always under some or other sort of communication with them.

Why are families important

Comparatively, if you see someone who is alone without a family. You will notice, he would have some sort of communication issues. Of course this does not apply to all. Like those who have many friends and better office relationships etc. may not have this problems. But still families plays a large role in enhancement of communication.

Better health: Health is one of the key areas which indicate the importance of family. A family takes care of our health since our birth. Even we are not matured to know if we are healthy or not, our health is taken care. Without families, it would be tough to grow up well and lead a healthy long life.

Organized life: Organized life is essential for a peaceful flow of life. This organized life comes with a family. Ever notice yourself when living alone during adolescence or teenage or a bachelor life. You will see that you did not keep your room and bed well. You did not care for your clothes for being put in proper place etc. But, you will not find such careless issues when you live in a family because you will be instructed to keep things organized. Also, you will feel someone is always watching you with good intentions regarding it.

Family values

Even family members ask you to go to school, take up college education and right career etc. Thus life goes on in an organized fashion. This is not only beneficial to the individual but also to the whole society.

Physiological support: This is the biggest asses of having a family during adulthood and old age. When you have problems due to office politics, strained relations with other family comes to your rescue. They would like to advice how to deal with and if should be worried about it at all etc. Thus you could relax without further agony at home. Even, if you fail an exam or lose a career, the members if family help you manage the mental pressure.

Retain memories: Memories are useful to avoid making the same mistakes again. And memories are always carried by families. It is not the books or memory drives but the people living in a family. The mistakes of the past like a few decades or centuries ago would be remembered in families. Such mistakes are avoided in the future.

Family memories

This helps for better life and peace.

Live in a responsible manner: A person with a family lives responsibly. This is because of attachment for them; he never tries to bring the problem to home. He lives as a better citizen, use his voting rights properly as a part of democracy, etc. Once imagine why a person would need a job, or business without a family. Doing a job or business is a way you contribute to your nation. So, having a family makes you be a better citizen.

Sustenance of humanity: Humanity means family values, ethics of life, sympathy, tolerance, etc. Being a human is possible only with a family. Since, you have better health, mental support and a feeling of betterment; you are a little stressed. So, you can think of living by values and be sympathetic to those in trouble. You tend to be kind to others around including animals and plants. Without family, you would be stressed and have no patience to show kindness to others. Thus, families help in the maintenance of human values and beliefs.

Thus, a family is very important for pleasant living in this world.

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