Effects of Poverty | Impact on Children & Society

Poverty is a condition of lack of money and resources.

There are many causes of poverty.

In the past, since the resources were limited and also there was no technology, poverty was widespread.

But fortunately, after the industrial revolution, there is a great change.

In the current century, it is quite easy to get rid of poverty through education, hard work, and intelligence.

This current century saw the rise in the internet as one of the new means of business and livelihood.

Though it is a virtual aspect, still these are companies worth billions. Yet there are many countries suffering from poverty due to varied reasons. Here are the possible effects of poverty.

Effects of poverty:

Poverty, in general, affects living standard, health, education, children and society as a whole. But it is sensible to discuss them as effects on children and society.

Effects of poverty on children:

l. Chances of Mal-nutrition: Due to poverty, there is a lack of proper parenting. The parents can’t afford a healthy diet for their children. Hence in countries with poverty, we can notice children with malnutrition and related diseases. Effects of poverty in children

Since the child grows very fast, he needs good nutrition. Due to lack of proper nutrition, the children do not grow up with a healthy body and mind. They tend to remain unfit for sports, education and other activities. This can lead to a shorter lifespan too.

2. Life-threatening diseases. Many diseases can be prevented by vaccination during childhood. These vaccines are quite expensive and those with poverty may not be able to afford them. Hence, people with poverty tend to suffer from diseases. Even if they are sick, they do not go for medical help as they cannot afford the medical expenses

3. Illiteracy & Lack of education. Children in families with poverty are discouraged from education. Instead, they are instigated by parents to take up small wage work or jobs to keep up the expenses. Hence, these children can be deprived of proper education.Effects of poverty - child labor

Governments are taking steps to ban child labor due to this issue of illiteracy. But, the actual problem lies in their poverty.

4. Orphanage: Many parents take divorce due to poverty. Hence the children may become orphans as neither of the parents wishes to care them. Being in orphanage homes cannot teach children the aspects of family love, care etc.

5. Pessimistic mind etc. Wealth is a type of strength and can act as a morale booster. You can also notice when you have no money, you tend to be anxious and less stable. But, when you have money, you moral boosts up and you tend to be confident. Hence we can say that children who suffer poverty are more pessimistic and may have a negative attitude towards life.

Effects of poverty in society

A Society with widespread poverty will face serious problems. These problems can affect everyone living in that society in some or other way.

l. Corruption: Poverty encourages corruption. People try to make money in all the illegal means to be rich. In doing so, those in power or official jobs will engage in corruption.

2. Criminal activities: Poverty affected societies have a high amount of violence and criminal activities. Due to lack of education and other means of livelihood, they tend to go for criminal activities. There can be theft, robbery, murders etc. All these criminal activities are direct effects of poverty.

3. Lack of happiness: In a society, happiness is directly linked to wealth. Having money provides comforts and makes you dress well and live well. So we can expect that people from those societies with poverty will be less happy. Having money provides comforts and makes you dress well and live well.

Effects of poverty

4. Illness and lack of health facilities: Health is an aspect related to wealth. One can take hygienic food, clean water and reside in a neat home with sufficient wealth. This keeps him happier and healthy. Even if one falls sick, they can expose themselves to the best of technology and health care with sufficient money.

5. Lack of education: Education and research require sufficient grants from the government. In countries with poverty, we can notice that they are lagging in education and research. You can also notice that top grade universities are in wealthy countries. So being in poverty, the nation cannot provide good education to its students. Also, students cannot get to wealthy countries for education as they cannot afford it.

6. Weak families: Many families break up due to poverty. Poverty encourages quarrels among family members leading to a decrease in family relationships.

7. Lack of ethics: Poverty leads to decrease in ethics in the society. People tend to make money by unlawful means. This is sometimes even harmful to society. People may engage in cheating, flesh trade, smuggling etc.

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  1. poverty can also guide and it tells you to go to school in other order to predict it if your family is poor

  2. poverty is useful for studying. it help us learn that what are effects and causes of poverty

  3. This is an absolute insult to those who are living in poverty. They definitely do not choose to live in poverty ridden countries. Children can’t help, but work to survive in the first place. I suggest you actually do some insightful research into the matter before you accuse poor innocent people of being ‘lazy’. How about you get off of your yacht, put your champagne down and go live with these people, go see how it really is. Yes, some of your points are valid, but some of these ‘comments’ are ignorant and inconsiderate.

  4. Of course, the above mentioned effects of poverty are correct,especially corruption which occupied almost the whole world which is caused by lack of resources and other basic needs.

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